Sports and activities in the hills of the Weinviertel

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The vast and gently rolling hills of the Weinviertel enable a leisurely rhythm. Here you can enjoy a ride or walk through the sunny vineyards, the golden grain ear, along the idyllic cellar lanesor the interesting theme paths. In the surrounding area of the Schlosshotel Mailberg the “Buchberg” offers hiking paths through the wood.

Golf courses and golf clubs

In the northern Weinviertel region golfing enthusiasts will find many of the most beautiful golf courses of Lower Austria. The Golf Club “Veltlinerland Poysdorf” and the Golf Club “Schönborn” in Göllersdorf are only a 30-minute drive from the Schlosshotel Mailberg.


The well-marked bicycle paths (more than 1,600 km) makes the Weinviertel region the ideal place for bicycle tours. The path “Blauer Portugieser”, called after the grape starts right in front of the castle.

Hiking and Nordic Walking

Hiking is a great opportunity to feel the leisurely rhythm of the Weinviertel region – with Nordic Walking sticks, trekking shoes or simply in an everyday outfit. Walking through the hills and vineyards clears your head, frees your spirit, inspires and relaxes. Wine hiking paths, named after the prominent types of grapes, invite you to fully enjoy the unique nature. Especially recommendable: guided tours through the cellar lanes and herbs hiking tour.

Excursions to the surrounding

There are a great number of sights to explore in the area around Schlosshotel Mailberg. With the ‘Niederösterreich Card‘ you have free admission to various TOP destinations, such as the Hot Springs Spa Laa, the Retzer ‘Erlebniskeller’ (large wine cellar) or the ‘Amethystwelt’ (amethyst world) Maissau.

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