Lower Austrian viniculture for centuries

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When you take a walk through Mailberg, you will notice that the viticulture has a long history and a very vital presence. The cellar lanes are old and typically Austrian. One can discover lots of old cellars but also very modern mansions. Today the castle winery of the ‘Sovereign Order of the Maltese” and about 140 other winegrowers work about 300 hectares of cultivated land.

“Mailberg Valley”

The wineries of Mailberg have joined together and formed the joint property “Mailberg Valley“. They espacily want to emphasise the uniqueness of the wines from Mailberg and guarantee that all the wines sold under the name “Mailberg Valley” are carefully examined and are really produced from grapes of Mailberg. The typical characteristics of those wines are: high ripeness, spiciness and a wealth of taste.

Grüner Velliner, Zweigelt and…

The most prominent types of grapes are the classic Austrian Grüner Veltliner (white wine) and Blauer Zweigelt (red wine). Thanks to the very sunny location of the vineyards the Grüner Veltliner reaches a highly concentrated flavour very early and can readily be stored for many years. And thanks to the chalky soil in the upper Weinviertel Chardonnay and Weißburgunder (white wines) are specialities of this region. The most important type of red wine is the Blauer Zweigelt, followed by the Blauer Portugieser and the Merlot. In addition, Mailberg has the oldest Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards of Lower Austria.

Best terrain in the northern Weinviertel region

The Mailberger terrain results of the interplay of the fresh climate in the northern Weinviertel region and the protected location of the vineyards in the small valley. The chalky and loamy soil  encourages full-bodied, mature wines and supports the development of a harmonious acidity .

All products of the joint property “Mailberg Valley” are available for tastings in the wine bar & shop of the Schloss Hotel Mailberg and can be purchased directly from the winegrowers.


Vinotheque Schloss Mailberg
Opening hours:
The Schlossvinothek is open daily (business hours of reception). Please call by phone at T: +43 2943 30301 or M: reservierung@schlosshotel-mailberg.at

You can also buy the wines Online: link