The Castle

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Mailberg was first mentioned in records in 1055. Since 1146 the castle Mailberg has been in constant possession of the ‘Souveränen Malteser Ritter-Ordens’ (Sovereign Order of Malta) and hence is their oldest property worldwide. In terms of its function as commandery, the castle had served as spiritual and (for some time) as military centre through the centuries.

Eventful history

Mailberg’s eventful history is shaped by wars, which again and again severely affected the castle. Mailberg was occupied and destroyed several times during the Hussite Wars in the 15th century and during the Thirty Years‘ War (1618-1648).

In the 19th century the Napoleonic Wars also affected the wine village. In 1945 the last front line ran only 10 km south of Mailberg. Especially the Russians left their traces.

Significant role

In the history of Lower Austria the “Mailberger Bund“ played a significant role. The confederation was formed in the castle Mailberg in 1451 and was rated as the first successful corporate confederationagainst the power of the emperor.