Hollabrunn – Relax and unwindt

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The county town Hollabrunn was the battleground of two big battles during the Napoleonic Wars against the French. Later the town became significant due to its location at the ‘Reichsstraße’ street Vienna-Znojmo-Prague, which was constructed in 1720. 

A curiosity is the so-called ‘Pinkelstein’ stone in the neighbouring village Raschala, which belongs to the community Hollabrunn. Legend has it that Wolfang Amadeus Mozart peed at that stone while he was on his journey to Prague. Every year the well-known ‘Ringelreih’n am Pinkelstein’ takes place at the stone. Mozart’s statement that he quickly wanted to be alone (“rasch ala“) is the humorous version of the story behind the village’s name.


A visit to the parish church St. Ulrich, which was built in the 13th /14th century, is very recommendable. The inside of the chapel with its beautiful ribbed vaults is preserved from the original building.
The main square is decorated with houses from the art nouveau period and the time of the city’s foundation and a Baroque plague pillar from the 17th century. An event centre with regular courses is located in the Museum “Alte Hofmühle“.

The city area of Hollabrunn touches vast forests and vineyards. Easily accessible hiking and cycling paths lead to the beautiful destinations in the nearby surroundings.

One can enjoy traditional, down-to-earth delicacies, best wines from the Weinviertel region and a family-friendly atmosphere in the comfortable inns and traditional Heurigen.