Romantic cellar lanes, delicious wines, intact nature

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The community Mailberg – a romantic wine village in the Weinviertel region in Lower Austria, close to the cities Retz, Poysdorf and Hollabrunn, the old castle and emperor cities Znojmo and Brno in the Czech Republic, as well as the Thermal Spa Laa an der Thaya.

Mailberg’s history in the “Böhmischen Mark” (“Bohemian March”)

In Austria’s early history Mailberg was used as a frontier town protecting the border against at the border against Moravia – situated in the “Böhmische Mark” (“Bohemian March”) – and thus was often the battlefield in the course of the centuries.

Mailberg was first officially mentioned in 1055. On May 12, 1082, the battle of Mailberg took place near Mailberg, in which Bohemian and Moravian troops defeated the Margrave Leopold II. Thecommunity gained transregional importance when the ‘Knights of St. John of Jerusalem’  established their rule there in 1145. On October 14, 1451, Ulrich von Eyczing called for a meeting, in which the ‘Mailberger Bund’ (alliance) was sealed against King Friedrich IV.

Wine culture since the 12th century

Today Mailberg presents itself embedded in gently rolling hills, which makes a wide range of offers possible – culture, art, culinary delights and outdoor options .

Since the 12th century, wine growing follows a long tradition in Mailberg. Mailberg’s natural resources lead to the assumption, though, that Germanic tribes had already used those ideal conditions for the cultivation of wine at the beginning of the 1st millennium.

Apart from the castle Mailberg the ‘Kunigundenkirche’ church is especially worthwhile. It originates from the 15th century and has a high-level graveyard with a wonderful panorama view of the knightly March Mailberg.