Laa an der Thaya

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The small city Laa is situated in the northern Weinviertel region, at the border to the Czech Republic. Due to the use of its sodium-chloride-iodine-mineral springs with a temperature of 42°C, Laa has become an attraction for seekers of relaxation from near and far.

The hot springs also supply the water for the spa resort,  “Therme Laa“, a thermal spa with a pleasant thermal bath, impressive light effects, underwater music, a spacious sauna world and a lot of activities for children .


Worth mentioning is also the bustling gastronomy in Laa an der Thaya with more than 25 businesses.  Many a la carte restaurants located in the 4 star superior hotels offer delicious meals for gourmet fans.

The typical inn culture of the Weinviertel region is represented in the restaurant Bsteh with a ‘farmer’s brunch’ and typical Austrian kitchen.


There is also a small shop for regional products like vegetables, fruits, tea and much more right behing the main space. Opening times: Monday until Friday 10:00  - 12:00 am and Friday 04:00 - 06:00 pm.


The castle, the rest of the city walls, the parish and the parsonage, the civil hospital and the old guildhall are still preserved from the early history of the city. According to word of mouth the parish church was the domain of Pope Pius II. from 1441 to 1450. Since 1972 the castle houses Austria’s first beer museum.